What is CORIS?

CORIS  is a CRM for community organisations that need to collect, monitor and report on client information and connect with participants and other stakeholders. CORIS stands for Community Organisation Relationship Information System.


CORIS is designed by service delivery staff so it’s easy to use and enhances accountability across the organisation.

CORIS has significantly improved performance and increased the social impact of community organisations using it.

CORIS increases your capability to monitor performance and report to your board, funders, corporate and community partners, service users, volunteers, staff and the community.

 Features include:

  • Track and manage all external stakeholder relationship information including client, service partner, supporter and donor, subscriber, plus volunteer management.
  • Make reporting to Data Exchange funding providers easier with the DEX uploader
  • Manage client assessment tools and feedback, plans and case notes
  • Manage courses, events and other community activities including online registrations
  • Communicate with stakeholders via sms, individual and bulk mailings and via an integrated online portal
  • Integration with Outlook
  • Generate a range of reports and real time analytics