CIVICRM Open Source

CORIS is a unique and secure CRM built on and powered by CiviCRM open source software. Open source software is built by the community for the community. It it the perfect platform for non-profits focussed on the creation of social value.

CiviCRM open source software is a powerful, web-based platform developed by and for nonprofit organisations and NGO’s across the world. Being open source there are no ongoing license costs or user fees associated with using the software itself. The costs involved with adopting CORIS your organisation are associated with installationsupport and the ongoing development of CORIS.

CiviCRM has a unique and diverse community centred around developing, using, and documenting the software. The community includes the core team, people at the non-profits that use CiviCRM, consultants working with non-profit organisations, programmers and developers, users and volunteers.


In becoming a CORIS member, your organisation will be involved in this bigger picture by continuing to develop CORIS, which is part of the broader CiviCRM development community.